nothing was done about this ever


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And while I'm on this huge tangent about committing hackers more invisibility to continue doing exactly what they're doing, WHY IS OFFLINE MODE A THING?! There's zero reason for offline mode to exist besides being online without wanting other people to see you Buy Maplestory Mesos online. It serves absolutely no other function besides giving individuals a tool to hide so they could macro or bot without being caught as easily. You can not use /find to track them when they're in offline mode, all you can do is whisper them, because whispers are still sent to a participant in offline mode.

However they can go and hide where they need unless you go through the bother of changing to every single channel with a Hyper Teleport Rock, opening the item, assessing their name in and trying to teleport to them. And in the chance they are hacking in a map such as Kritias, you are unable to access them no matter what because Kritias is a zone which can not be teleported into or teleported out of. A hacker is completely and utterly secure in Kritias due to the very way the game is built, and nothing was done about this ever.

So, what could be done about each of these problems in order to make things even slightly better? These are the tips I can think of off the top of my mind: Educate the GMs which are conducting our servers about the sport. Teach them how the game works, make them create their own personality in order that they get a feel of this game and the way it works.

Provide GMs with updated, better tools to allow them to perform their job easier. To offset auto-CC, make it so they're able to input maps COMPLETELY undetected, not simply invisible (many auto-CC can browse the variable that counts the amount of Maplestory 2 items players on a map therefore invisibility does not work on them). Allow them tofind anyone, irrespective of online or offline mode. Or even better, REMOVE OFFLINE MODE ENTIRELY so individuals can't hide them behind.